Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Treats in Your Pants

The April abuse continued today in For Better or For Worse with April trying her best to get an amused reaction by physically overreacting to Tawny lifting her up by her pants. I know my reaction if someone grabbed me by my seat, is to grab my pants and to make sure they don’t come off. But April is of a different sort. Her gesture is to go completely wide-armed and wide-legged. Snarkwise, there was not a lot to work with. My favourite snark of the day was when I had Constable Paul Wright remark about Susan Dokis looking for treats in his pants. I amused myself just typing that.

Coming up in the future, since Liz traveled to see Paul’s family (according to her monthly letter) for Civic Day weekend, my guess is that Paul and Liz will be traveling over Labour Day too. I think that every 3-day weekend will be considered a day for them to visit, despite the fact, which I have snarked many times now, that police rarely get those days off. Since this is the time by which Liz will also have finally gotten around to telling about her new job in Markham.

Liz's Letter, May 2006

…and through one of my profs at university, I have a lead on a job in Markham.

Since Liz never really works to get a job, the more we snark this, the more I am sure that this university prof is going to hand Liz this job as this letter predicted. I think the fact that none of the letters since then mentioned Markham, it is throwing me off. But, no other solution has been presenting itself, so this seems likely.

Tomorrow’s strip: Laura appears and shockingly has changed her hairstyle! How will we know who she is? Judging from the way Laura is being separated from April, it makes me wonder if we are going to see April experience the real veterinary life or not. However it is nice to know that the Lynnions apparently know little about real veterinary life, so we are probably better off anyway. Just to let you know, real vets usually deal with the other end of the cow than its head, when the cow is giving birth.


Blogger April Patterson said...

To be fair (ugh, don't make me be fair!) Laura seems to be dealing with the birthin' end of the cow. :)

4:16 AM  
Blogger howard said...

After the calf is out, Laura goes to pick up baby and she tries to pick it up as if she is afraid to touch it. Of course, she might have been more involved with the birthin' end, while the birth was occurring. Lynn had to cut those parts out in order to get to her weight joke.

6:15 AM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

Yes, I figured there must have been missing action between panels--that LJ was keeping the calf for a surprise ending, with her baffling, unfunny "heavy" joke.

3:26 PM  

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