Monday, August 14, 2006

The Prankster

I read through all the commentaries of which I know on For Better or For Worse and not one of them had an explanation that could believably tie having an iPod in your ear to tripping and falling. aprilp_katje had an inspiration of saying that the “Trip!” word balloon came from a prankster and the rest of the day was spent snarking the strip via the prankster, people tripping, or people making assumptions about hearing. qnjones launched into a storyline for Becky McGuire, involving how shallow the boytoys were around her compared to a new character she invented, who is blind and apparently nice and not interested in pop music. Character-wise this works out very nicely. I have seen many celebrities say they would prefer to have a spouse or a significant other, who did not work in their industry. So, in order to help qnjones along, I took advantage of a her story of Becky falling into dog poop and her subsequent firing of her shortest boytoy, to allow Becky to confront her most recent paramour, Gerald’s brother, and move onto her new love interest for Becky. As I hoped she would, qnjones picked up on this without my saying a word, and did just that.

The only other side story was Jeremy Jones getting his hair coloured to match that of Bulldoggin' Bill Pickett, as recommended by Eva Abuya. Bill Pickett was a real guy. The first black to be admitted into the Rodeo Hall of Fame, even though he was actually ½ black, ¼ white and ¼ Cherokee. When I read about his family history, I thought Eva, with her interest in cowboys and her biracial background would find Bulldoggin' Bill, particularly appealing. Just to let you know, Bulldoggin’ Bill invented bulldogging, which for him was to bite the lip of the bull. They have pictures on-line of him doing it.

Tomorrow’s strip: Last year, when April was at the farm, she showed her city girl side by asking if Auntie Bev had video games, but by the end of the time at the farm, she was riding horses, making puns about prairies, people said she was a great guitarist, and she was the “horse whisperer.” This year, Lynn is really backing off that conclusion. This is 2 strips in a row of stupid city girl April. Unless there is a reversal pretty soon, I am beginning to believe that Lynn really intends for April to be considered an incompetent foob around horses. Although I have a little difficulty believing Lynn would undermine her character’s credibility, in order to make a few jokes. I expect a reversal of this trend soon.


Anonymous qnjones said...

One thing I am worried about--this plotline with the blind boyfriend could veer into the mushy, public service type of story. I want the slapstick to continue, even poking fun along the lines of Shannon Lake. Also, I want to play up that he is really a geek, though not an unattractive geek (like Anthony).

12:28 AM  
Blogger howard said...

The disadvantage you have with your character, as opposed to Shannon Lake, is that you created him and not Lynn. If you had created Shannon based on a relative of yours, it is unlikely you would have made her such an object of ridicule, as Lynn has done to Shannon. Shannon is easy to snark, by simply portraying her as a normal special needs girl. I will be interested to see how you handle Becky's blind suitor with slapstick.

5:47 AM  

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