Sunday, August 13, 2006

Edgar Sleeps With a Sprinkler

The first question that occurred to me as I read today’s For Better or For Worse strip was: “Who has a dog?” qnjones as Becky McGuire has written extensive adventures about her 3 guard dogs, so that was an easy one. I was delighted to find that aprilp_katje as Marjee Mahaha agreed with that choice. So, I coupled my Howard story about Freyfaxi the dog and the sprinkler with hers. Then Constable Paul Wright used a reference to the Mtigwaki strips, which always seemed to have free-roaming dogs in the backgrounds, every time the strip went to outside Mtigwaki. The other thing I was looking for was some news event in Northwest Ontario, which would have drawn Constable Paul Wright’s attention. It always bothered me that Liz in Mtigwaki would have every weekend free, which were the times where Paul might be working some event as security, and she never went to him. He always had to come to her. The town of Nipigon is close to where Mtigwaki was supposed to be, and it has a fishing tournament, so thought that would be a good choice. I expect Chipper and Suds may do a few things outside of Mtigwaki to explore the possibilities of snarking the eternally homebound Liz.

Tomorrow’s strip: April listens to her tunes, so she falls in poop, and is taunted by Mr. Ed. It doesn’t make sense, so I am thinking of snarking it on that basis, unless I read a commentary where someone explains it satisfactorily to me how having your ears covered causes you to trip. “Who has a horse?”


Blogger April Patterson said...

No one has a horse that I can think of. Maybe Paul has access?

4:14 AM  
Blogger howard said...

I wonder if the OPP does the horse thing. I know the RCMP is definitely into it, with the "Mounted" part of their name.

6:37 AM  

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