Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well That Was A Waste of Time

Today's strip in For Better or For Worse concluded a 3-strip set of that reminded us John is interested in retiring to a house where he can turn the yard into a model train wonderland. I would been very surprised if Elly accepted any kind of proposition from John, and as it turned out, I was not surprised. So, this set of strips served the purpose of simply letting us see that John has finally told Elly what he would like to do in retirement. It is sort of the same thing John did with April back in February but 2 strips longer. The only majour piece of information passed is that George Stibbs is finally ready to sell. The only thing less informative and more uneventful than that is a vacuuming strip, which Lynn has nicely followed with in tomorrow's strip, I suppose to make us grateful for what we got with George Stibbs.

As it is usually when Lynn Johnston takes a particular story and then just repeats it over and over again, the 3rd day of this sequence proved difficult to snark. Most of the characters, for whom I wrote went on different tangents and only touched lightly on the strip for snark and instead attempted to provoke other person's characters to action to make things more interesting.

Tomorrow is vacuuming and dog holding, two subjects covered many, many times in this strip. In other words, it is practically a filler strip. I sincerely hope that these subjects will not be repeated for the rest of the week. Since we have covered April, Elly, and Liz lately, I believe Mike Patterson is the next for strip attention. I hope he is next.


Blogger April Patterson said...

Today definitely feels like filler--it reminds me of the grumpy-Liz strip where a teenage Liz complains, in her thought bubble, that a dog ruins a perfectly good bad mood.

Pssst--I don't think Canadians write "majour/minour" or "exteriour/interiour"--those, I believe, are "-or" endings, as in the U.S.

4:52 AM  
Blogger howard said...

Another question for the Canada question thread, I guess.

8:11 AM  

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