Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Elly Cleans Part I

I was so hoping that I wouldn’t be putting Part #s on that heading, but as I feared, we are entering an “Elly cleans” arc. Hopefully it won’t last longer than this week.

The beginning of the day, my characters mainly snarked today’s strip and pointed out that Elly’s plans for the future did not include April, for which we may be eternally grateful. The lunchtime snark with Eva, Jeremy and Shannon was basically a snark on the words of the strip and relating it to having been included for whatever panels they were included last week. It wasn’t terribly funny, but it was a different kind of self-awareness than I have done before with the characters, where they seem to be aware when the storyline touched them, however briefly.

greytail088 came on-line as Vicki Simone and pushed Jeremy into snarking hover cars. It was short, but also my favourite lines to write today. Then it was off to the pharmacy with Howard and Becky to make fun of Deanna Patterson, pharmacist. The main areas of snark were on how, in the monthly letters, Deanna sounds like she is much more interested in the part of the store she is not in, than the one she is in. She mentions drugs rarely, but harps on things like the Easter chocolate. In the monthly letter, she was a little obsessive about chocolate and so the snark was pretty simple to turn Dee into a major chocoholic using direct monthly letter quotes.

Last, but not least was Jeremy’s date with Dirne making him dinner. It is a simple fact of married living that I have learned as a husband, when to lie and when not to lie. My wife judges whether or not I liked food she made not by whether or not I eat it, but whether or not I take seconds. However, if she asks, I always say it was good. In the boyfriend / girlfriend stage, this was much more crucial than in married life. You had to like what she made and give her physical proof (eating it with a smile on your face), or your relationship was over. Things may have changed since my dating days, but I have seen more than one relationship end (not just mine) over this very crucial event. So, I decided this would be the point where Jeremy’s rigourous truth-telling would run afoul of Dirne’s poor cooking skills.

However, fellow April’s Real Bloggers, do not go on a tangent and presume Jeremy’s relationship with Dirne is over. Dirne was originally intended to be a one-note joke about a girl obsessed with designer clothes. I have been very surprised at how much stuff my fellow bloggers have thrown her direction. I may be misinterpreting this, but she appears to be a character other characters like to and can easily play off of. Personally I have enjoyed snarking For Better or For Worse from her designer clothes perspective. So, I think I will keep her around for awhile. aprilp_katje has posted as Dirne a few times and I just loved it. Frankly, I know very little about women’s designer clothes. So, let me make it official. I don’t mind at all if any one of you wants to drop in a post or posts as Dirne. I think it is quite fun to write as her.

Tomorrow’s strip: It is as if they took a group of trained monkeys and asked them to draw April in this strip. It is astoundingly inconsistent from panel to panel. Can the Lynnions not see this? It has moved from snarkably bad to laughably bad. On the other hand, the dialogue is actually pretty good for For Better or For Worse. I envision April frantically trying to lock up her stuff to save it from Elly the cleaning foob.


Blogger Mary Worth said...

Just posting here so you don't get to eat worms. ;)

Kidding. I love the idea that pervo Howie has a naughty fridge. Becky is intrigued. :)

3:24 PM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

I love the naughty fridge, too. :)

Though I was going to post to keep the worms at bay, too. ;)

5:36 PM  
Blogger howard said...

But worms are tasty and they refrigerate well.

8:05 PM  

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