Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Ramones

Thanks to April’s Real Blog today, I listened to the Ramones. had 2 Ramones videos and I observed that their rapid beat appears to be due more to their bass guitarist than their drummer, but it was only 2 songs, and may not be indicative of the whole work of the Ramones.

As for today’s strip, I did variations on swimming from the characters. My favourite twisted post was the one where I hinted that Michael Patterson may have actually been a little excited by the sight of Melville Kelpfroth in his underwear. I am sure that the strip Michael is intended to be solidly heterosexual, but ARB Michael is definitely more in the bisexual vein, and monthly letters Michael is flat out homosexual. In any case, I found the idea very amusing.

In tomorrow’s strip we have a few unusual things. Mike whines to Lovey to protect him, once again, from the machinations of the evil Melville. And out of the blue, Merrie makes a joke, I think is supposed to be intended to indicate her child-like viewpoint, but it is so snarky, it comes off as a joke that would be made by her father. It is quite unusual. The other interesting thing is Lovey’s list of complaints the Kelpfroths have made seems to come out of nowhere. The Kelpfroths complaints are: (a) We don’t like to see your kids’ toys all over the place and (b) we don’t like it when you make too much noise. Those are the only complaints I have seen regularly. Of course there is also (c) we don’t like it when you slander us in your newspaper column, but I view that as a one time only event. It is on occasions like this, I wonder if I have missed a back story or if Lovey is just making things up. For example, when Jesse Mukwa complained about his parents leaving, it was the first time we ever heard of that. The way this strip is being handled these days, I will probably never know.


Blogger April Patterson said...

I got the thing about the Ramones' drumming pace from a recent documentary about them. They went through a few different drummers during their run, and the narrator noted that one of them (I forget who) drummed at an even faster pace than the already-frenetic pace of the prior drummer, thus speeding up the famously fast, short songs all the more. :)

4:37 AM  
Blogger howard said...

Thanks for the Ramones information. The sound quality of the video of the Ramones may not have been that good for me, so I could have missed the frenetic drumming pace. The video had constant shots of a bass guitarist who seemed to be barely able to keep up with the pace of the song.

6:02 AM  

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