Friday, September 29, 2006

Consistency is the Key

Today on For Better or For Worse, John and April are brought in the Grandpa Jim stroke picture. Still no Phil and Georgia, yet I have have hope. The interesting part is that the characters of April and John, as much as we snark the way they act, reacted in just the way I would have expected. April was dumb as a brick and asked all the exposition and explanatory questions. John stood in the background and did not do a thing. He didn’t even have the energy to think something. If April and John had reacted any differently, I would have felt cheated. I am not so sure Lynn is not snarking her own characters, but if she is not, then she has written herself into a corner, where in order to portray them consistently, they must be unpleasant and stupid.

In tomorrow’s strip, Mike and Deanna find out and once again, Mike is portrayed as the negligent, self-absorbed father who upon learning his grandfather had a stroke, is more concerned that his problems are no longer important in comparison, than the fact his grandfather had a stroke. He’s a jerk, but he is consistent. Lynn does not ever let have a break from being self-righteous prig.

The missing character is Liz, and considering she lives with John and April, who are there, and the story is set in the night, when she shouldn’t be working, it obviously raises the question of where she is. I had Constable Wright, hint that she was with Anthony, but eeknight as Anthony just flat out said that’s where she is. If she shows up at hospital with Anthony, that would kill. I hope that’s the way it goes.


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