Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trashing Becky Part II

I was sick as a dog last night. I suspect food poisoning but I do not know for certain. I was not feeling well enough to write anything up for the Howard Bunt Blog. However, judging from the reaction, I suppose nobody noticed.

My surprise in For Better or For Worse this week is that Lynn is not really trying to deliver a comeuppance to Becky, but to allow Becky and April to try to patch things up between them. My second surprise was the vigor at which Eva and Duncan attacked Becky. Where did that come from?

Duncan did not speak poorly of Becky when she left the band, but he does have a history of Becky hate when he passed on the “Roadside and Gig” comments about her last year. This suggests that Duncan has some sort of deep-seated resentment that does not have anything to do with the current state of Becky’s career, which he knows enough about to indicate he has been following it closely. I really wish the_berserker was posting these days to flesh out that perspective on April’s Real Blog.

Eva’s first appearance in the strip was one where she went out of her way to praise April’s secondhand hairclip and shoes from Elizabeth, so we know she is a suck up. I presume then that her Becky hatred is derived from trying to reflect Duncan and April’s opinions as her own to keep in good with them. The other possibility I suppose is that Eva fears a Becky comparison band-wise, since she doesn’t play the keyboard like Becky and is probably not as a good a singer, since we never see Eva’s voice featured during any of the band practices.

Howard’s post about charitable giving was based on the only reference to giving to a charity in the Elly’s monthly letters, where she talks about giving extra books and clothes to the charity.

Constable Paul Wright’s story about Ojibway religion is accurate, but I spared you a long dissertation on how man was created by the goddesses. Incidentally, I did find some websites which referred to current religious practices of the Objibway, and they do light tobacco to the earth mother, just as they did with Elly during the pow-wow last year.

Tomorrow’s strip: More Becky bashing. Will April close out the week neatly by telling Becky she isn’t perfect, but she likes her anyway, or will April tell Becky she is full of number 2 again?


Blogger Mary Worth said...

I missed you last night!! I wondered what was up. Sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. I've been feeling crummy myself. Hope you're doing better!

To turn the conversation to Mary Worth for a minute: it turns out I'm psychic. I wonder if Aldo's going to survive? He's wearing his seatbelt.

1:24 AM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

I missed you, too! I always come straight here after I do my ARB post. Hope you're recovered!

4:08 AM  
Blogger howard said...

My stomach is still gurgly, but I do feel better. No more chills and shakes and that sort of thing.

As for Aldo, I suspect he will make a hospital visit to the very hospital where Mary works. I would be extremely disappointed if he didn't.

5:32 PM  

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