Monday, May 01, 2006

I Love John

John Patterson is such a great foil for April’s Real Blog, because the strip plays him up as such an idiot. He can’t jog on a treadmill without having an accident. He makes moral judgments about taking out the trash. You can do the most abusive things to him and it still makes sense within the context of the strip.

I popped in posts as Joel of Rufus and Joel from Gasoline Alley and Fitch of Abercrombie and Fitch from Hi and Lois. I couldn’t remember any other characters having to deal with trash from other comic strips.

After these sterling posts and the usual stuff from Constable Paul Wright, Howard and Jeremy Jones, I went to church, and sang some services. There are two adult vocal choirs at my church. One of them does a special concert before Easter, and mine does one the one after Easter. This Sunday was the day of the concert, so my afternoon was pretty well occupied. When I got back, qnjones had pushed forward the idea of Howard and Becky getting married and reasons why this would work. Despite being done for humour’s sake, it seemed like a fairly coherent argument, given the nature and history of Becky and Howard, plus the fact that the strip will conclude long before we can ever see it happen.

Tomorrow’s strip: My jaw dropped when I saw it. Can Lynn Johnston really mean that Anthony’s break up with Thérèse is going to cause Liz to quit her job, leave her boyfriend and come back to Milborough for Anthony? Are we really going to find out that when Anthony asked Liz to wait, she said she would? The mind boggles.


Blogger April Patterson said...

Gah, Liz, no! Though at least in Liz's letter she's making a pretense of not planning on kicking Paul to the curb.

5:24 PM  
Blogger howard said...

Pretense is about all there is to it. She is setting up the circumstances of his departure. It looks like the same deal as Warren, with Paul going to take a fall because if Liz lives in Markham, the only way he can see Liz is if he takes vacation, or drops a fortune on air travel. The strip has already established it is a 2-day drive from Mtigwaki to Milborough.

The OPP positions near Toronto are highly sought after, and if Paul gets a transfer to Spruce Narrows, he is not going to be able to then immediately transfer to Markham to follow her, unless he quits his job. Then he would lose points for being unemployed.

If she pursues and gets the Markham job, Paul should rightly consider it a huge slap in the face to his career and to him and to his people.

6:34 PM  

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