Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ending Relationships

I thought thematically speaking, the drama club MacBeth disaster was the perfect opportunity to add a major problem with the Jeremy Jones / Dirne Aufkleber relationship. It should work well with what is going on with the current strip between Anthony Caine and John Patterson. I have not decided yet if the split should be permanent or not. I have been quite surprised at how much I enjoy writing about and as Dirne, since she provides an excellent point of view for snarking the Foob fashion sense (or lack thereof). However, I don't know if I can stand Jeremy Jones being so happy.

The current strip sequence has been making Constable Paul Wright an interesting writing challenge. I was afraid John and Anthony's conversation would steer toward Elizabeth, so Paul would have to stop paying attention to April's Real Blog, but that hasn't happened so far.

Howard has been tossing in his strip snark via the Ted / Krystle relationship, and comments made by Rosemary Mayes. Tonight qnjones shocked me quite a bit by suggesting through her Thorvald character that Howard and Becky should get married. qnjones has hinted about this relationship in her posts before, and coming through Thorvald, it is still indirect, but there are lots of possibilities about what could be done with it.

As for everything else today, I must give a big congratulations to susannamoodie and the_berserker for concocting that whole MacBeth drama club story that has stretched over the last 8 weeks. Also aprilp_katje did an excellent job of throwin' in xxtra things. It was just getting started when I had to go to church choir practice, and when I got back and saw all the posts, I was very jealous. Nevertheless, it was marvelous. I do not have the patience to write a storyline that lasts so long and I am grateful you allowed Jeremy to participate.

Tomorrow's strip: Anthony cheers himself up. Whoopee!!


Blogger Mary Worth said...

Yeah, not sure what to do with the cliffhanger I left about Becky and Howard. Seemed interesting to me given three existing plots:

1) Becky was revealed as Howard's true love after the dog episode.

2) Howard is mysteriously "taken" by an unknown person.

3) Becky has always been jealous of Howard being April's (faux?) back-up gay.

Run with it as you choose. :)

I have been wondering when Jeremy would turn miserable again. Sorry, but I've been looking forward to it! But not for the same jealous, mean reasons as Becky! :)

Loved, loved, loved the Macbeth disaster!

12:53 AM  
Blogger howard said...

Given the nature of Viking Law, Becky and Howard could be promised to each other well before the actual wedding would take place, it is entirely possible we could go with them actually being engaged by Viking Law, which would not hold up in any court and also would be meaningless in a strip where we will never see Becky turn 18. There is no actual limit on Becky seeing or even having sex with other men during the time between now and when she turns 18, so Becky's dating life could be untouched. The only downside would be a loss of the Thorvald tries to set Becky up with Gerald running joke. The upside would be a series of jokes involving Thorvald and Howard as his promised son-in-law, with whatever encouragement he gives Howard in Viking courtship procedures. What do you think about that?

6:50 AM  
Blogger Mary Worth said...

That's the kind of thing I'm actually hoping for. But I don't really plan on losing the "Thorvald wants Becky to marry Gerald" story line. Thorvald will be making it very clear that "Hoskuld" is only his second choice for his Becky-Thora, and that the ideal situation would be for her to marry Gerald. Hilarity ensues.

11:10 PM  

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