Sunday, May 07, 2006

Engagement Party

I could not believe the number of guests. My brain reeled at the idea of giving each and everyone of those characters something to do or say. My initial thought was, well I wonder what aprilp_katje is going to do with this? Or I wonder what aprilp_katje had in mind with all these ex-boyfriends? Or I wonder if qnjones is going to be back from her trip in time to show for this? Then somewhere toward the afternoon, while I was waiting for my kids to finish their music lessons at the local music store, the thought occurred in my head about axe-throwing. And then it also occurred to me that the ladies could do it too. Then it occurred to me that if every single, dadgum one of the guest list threw an axe, then I could put in some comment for each and every character. So, that’s the way it was going in order to accommodate all those characters.

Then Blogger decided to fight me tooth and nail just to open up the comment window. While I was trying again and again to open it, I was writing up all the comments I planned to put in there, if it would only let me. So, once the axe-throwing began, we went through it pretty quickly, because once I was in the Blogger window I had to take advantage of my access while I was allowed to do it. It kept on crapping out on me in the middle of trying to post and then I would have to go through the whole long exercise of trying to open the window again.

As far as the characters go, the 3 bad teenagers were a mystery to me. I don’t remember them showing up before then, so I tried to play off their names a little to give them their characters. For Zatasha LaBuque, I presumed she was a goth Z-girl. For Morton DiNapoli, I was briefly tempted to go with the brutal rape thing, but I just couldn’t make it work and not be way too dark. So, I opted for a crazy kid with a thing for throwing knives. Conradia Harbinger made me think of harbinger of doom, so that’s where that went.

As for the strip snark, the good constable was final able to post again, since Lynn chickened out and did not mention that Liz plans to move from Mtigwaki. I took a quick internet search on porcupine quill plucking and found that every single website that mentioned plucking technique, said using pliers was a big no-no because it cracks and breaks the quills. It was interesting to me that Lynn would write Liz saying that unless it was some kind of nod to the 1st nations folks that Liz is incompetent at porcupine quill plucking.

My favourite post of the whole day from me however was Michael talking about determiners. I remember years ago seeing a very funny movie called Murder by Death which had the late, great Truman Capote in a pivotal role as the eccentric millionaire who ends up murdered in his home with some of the world’s greatest detectives, including Peter Sellers playing a version of Charlie Chan. In the movie, prior to his murder, Truman takes Charlie to task for never using determiners. I noticed Liz was using abbreviated, determiner-less text in the strip today, and I ripped off Murder by Death and had Michael do the same thing.

Tomorrow’s strip: Stickers. I suppose Howard is going to have a lot of conversations with his aunt Winnie Kelpfroth this week and April is probably going to talk to Deanna a lot. Maybe ellcee will help out. My kids’ grandmothers love sticker books, however usually the big deal is for the stickers to be placed somewhere else in the book. Merrie is either more creative in her choices or she is trying to do a Family Circus imitation where instead of leaving little dotted lines, she leaves stickers to indicate where she has been.


Blogger April Patterson said...

I think the trick is to give children the stickers when they're at the right age to put them into their allotted spaces in the book rather than randomly sticking on places. We made the mistake of giving my son a big sticker book as one of his three-year birthday presents, and he put stickers all over the surface of his little (child-sized) table. But not all over the house, fortunately. I ended up peeling them off while he was sleeping and putting them back into the book, which I stashed in the attic. Just recently, he's gotten ahold of another sticker book, and he's put stickers in random places--tables, doors, the side of the TV. But nowhere near as extreme as what we see in the strip.!

4:24 AM  
Blogger howard said...

The ones on Mira were the funniest. I don't remember stickers all over the house with my kids, but I remember my son used to plaster blank paper with them and made these little tableaus that told a story of sorts.

6:56 AM  

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