Sunday, May 07, 2006

Children and Stickers

I was handed a child last night. Cookie77 handed me her baby, The Foobiverse's Journal to take over for about a month, while she is unable to do Journal Entries regularly. I am trying not to be freaked out. It is different from doing this Blog, which almost no one reads, except for the always marvelous aprilp_katje and qnjones. I have this fear, I am going to somehow screw up The Foobiverse’s Journal, which is read by a lot of people, so there will be no one left when cookie77 comes back. I have this sense of paranoia about such things, probably dating back to when elfie accused me of destroying April’s Real Blog with my Howard character posts months ago. It’s scary how the comments of one person can haunt you, when others say so many nice things about you. In the personal e-mail traffic between and cookie77, she gave me some terrific compliments about why she thought my style of writing was well-suited to temporarily replace her. It was very ego-building kind of stuff, but I am still little worried. But, as my uncle Foobiwan says, “Listen to the Snark, Howard. Let the Snark guide you.” I’m sure it will be fine.

As for today on April’s Real Blog, we had children and stickers and the April’s Real Blog posters really ran with that theme. I popped out what few posts I could do on the subject and then it was an afternoon of cub scouting as my boy learned how to make a bridge with wood and rope and the family went to a new restaurant that opened near us this weekend.

Tomorrow’s strip: Robin’s earache has finally appeared. I predict we are going to see Mike and Dee call upon the magnificent Elly to come save their bacon, since Meredith proved to be too incompetent to handle the job. They just don’t make 3-year-olds like they used to.


Blogger Mary Worth said...

"Uncle Foobiwan." Hee!

Wow, a whole month? Wow. Cookie definitely picked the best poster for the job, though. :) Forget about what elfie said. That dork doesn't even participate in ARB or on the FOOBiverse (that I've noticed). So who cares what s/he thinks? Heck, until you mentioned that, I'd forgotten it. And until you mentioned old criticisms, I'd totally spaced off Schmoo's attack on me. You need to develop a memory deficit like mine, bud. ;)

3:45 PM  
Blogger howard said...

You need to develop a memory deficit like mine, bud. ;)

You are so right. I think my main difficulty with the elfie criticism was that given the reduced numbers participating in ARB of late, I fear that the criticism was justified. I try to remember that a similar thing was attempted with Big Al’s Our Life on the Funny Pages which faded eventually, as near as I can tell, from people losing interest in creating entries.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Mary Worth said...

Yeah, I actually think it's pretty amazing that ARB has lasted this long.

I think that people will probably come and go from ARB. We've had regular participants drift in and out as they've had time. Adrianne joined long after we started. It's low tide right now, but that doesn't mean ARB is going to dwindle down to nothing.

I hope, anyway. I feel bad about my recent reduced participation.

5:41 PM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

I agree--I don't think Cookie could have chosen a better sub! Don't let that random negative comment get to you. Like QN, I'd forgotten about it, too.

During my first week of work, I realized I felt guiltier about being away from ARB than I did about being away from my son who, after all, has my husband looking after him while I work! (Even though this morning he [son, not husband] was saying "Mama stay home?")

6:23 PM  
Blogger howard said...

Mama stay home?
Oh, he is good. Your husband would have a hard time matching that.

My daughter's favourite line these day's is "But...I love you." It gets her out of such trouble.

7:56 PM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

When I got home today, my husband told me that our son had told him, "I love you and I love Mama." Which is a whole new level of sentence complexity for him, as he's been heavily into the referring-to-himself-by-name/third person thing. :)

4:21 PM  

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