Friday, September 01, 2006

April Complains About Liz Part I

In For Better or For Worse today, we see Eva speak again. I was beginning to wonder if she had gone mute, she hadn’t spoken in the strip in so long. I suppose this was Lynn’s effort for us to understand that Eva has replaced Becky McGuire in terms of being a confidante, but the Eva – April and Becky-April dynamics are very different. With Becky, they would show shots of Becky and April lying on April’s bed with April’s stuff all over the floor in disarray. With Eva we have had (1) Eva complimenting April’s hair clip and shoes, (2) Eva comparing boys, cars, and cell phones to cowboys, in a bizarrely awkward sequence which made everyone think Eva was a crazy person, instead of the intended humourous and insightful. (3) Today’s sequence, where Eva immediately offers April a self-help book kind of solution instead doing the usual empathy thing, she comes off as too mature for 15. Lynn Johnston in the olden days of yore probably could have pulled off establishing Eva as the new best friend of April in 3 short scenes, but the people writing the strip today do not have the slightest clue.

The other mysterious aspect of Liz moving in, is that neither John nor Elly seemed to be concerned about the matter. The way it is written, they don’t even think about the possibility until April mentions it. In tomorrow’s strip, John asks for April’s opinion but then when she gives it, blows her off with an “I see” and an extremely bad pun. We often complain that Elly and John seem uninterested in April, but it is nice to see that Liz is showing signs of being treated the same way.

On April’s Real Blog, I had Jeremy snark the outfit April was wearing. Shannon snarked Liz by comparing her to her brother…again!!! Michael keyed off aprilp_katje’s mention that Eva resembled Cousin Laura. Constable Paul Wright snarked the differences in the April / Liz relationship by comparing the monthly letter description of their relationship to the strip version. I had hoped the monthly letters would arrive today, so I could find out how they are handling the Liz – Paul separation. I guess I will have to wait until next week.


Blogger April Patterson said...

The Lynnions should have allowed April and Becky to hash out their differences and remain BFF, as we managed to do last summer, instead of April holding a grudge and finding this weak Becky-substitute. But instead Becky has to be the spoiled, only-child, too-ambitious, amoral roadside gig that April pities. :(

7:41 AM  
Blogger howard said...

Becky has been substituted with the more weakly-portrayed Eva, but Becky is due for the repentance that John Patterson predicted in his monthly letter long ago. After Becky gets her comeuppance, which should come in the form of her so-called friends abandoning her when she gets in trouble for cheating in school, I predict we will see her return to the good graces of April, who will, of course, rescue her because she is Becky's only "true friend." This will be the Lynnions' version of hashing out their differences, only over a 2 year period, instead of over a few days.

8:37 AM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

I suspect you are right. Poor Becks!

2:27 PM  
Blogger howard said...

I am looking forward to it. April will be so deliciously sanctimonious and Becky will worship her saintly Pattersonness. It will be so awful, it should be very funny.

3:29 PM  

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