Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Walking Down Morbid Lane

I have had a running joke with Constable Paul Wright and April that every time she writes about her stuff in April’s Real Blog this week, she has had to deny the possibility that Elly is close to death. Frankly Thursday’s strip just about puts this over the top. For Better or For Worse is walking down Morbid Lane as we find Elly’s plans for the future are basically to die, and if she is lucky, come back to nag people as a ghost. But first, we must find a discount place to do it. I am reminded of the writings of Samuel Clemens or Mark Twain, when he got older and older, he got so cynical and death-oriented that no one liked his stuff any more. For Better or For Worse is showing all the signs of latter day Mark Twain. It’s weeks like this week, where I can really feel Lynn Johnston’s influence over the plotting of the strip. Imagine if you will, a week in Corbeil when Lynn pops in and inundates her employees with discussion of hers and Rod’s funeral plots. The next thing you know, we get to read about it. I am looking forward to the strip, where Elly describes how, now that she is older, she is growing hair in places she never grew hair before. Or maybe a nice sequence on arthritis.


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Nobody loves me.
Everybody hates me.
Guess I'll eat some worms.

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