Monday, June 05, 2006

I've Retired But I Can't Leave

I had hoped that Elly would be visiting Moira and Beatrice to set up April still works here, but it appears now that this story arc is just for Elly to tell us what she has been doing. We have seen her clean and we have seen her take care of the kids. We have not seen her taking any classes or starting to write, and frankly, given that strips showing Pattersons writing are deathly dull, we should count our blessings we have not been shown that. But Elly taking the photography course could have been interesting, since it would put her in a venue in which she has not been since pre-April (the character and not the month). We are still in the "tell, but don’t show" strip material, and so we are stuck in the same environment as always. I had secretly hoped we would never see Lilliput’s again, once Elly retired, but I now have this fear that every few months, Elly will drop in on Moira, collect the rent and make her listen to another whole list of things she has been doing that we have not seen, with the accompanying old person or retirement joke to make it all worthwhile. Eventually, she will make me long for her old nonretired, telephone book-eating days.


Blogger April Patterson said...

I fear you're right. Moira, next time Elly shows up, you are far too busy with your bustling business to stop for coffee with Elly!

4:04 AM  
Blogger howard said...

Moira worships Elly too much to refuse her landlady a coffee stop. However, maybe next time Elly can talk about Moira too, instead of just about herself.

6:47 AM  

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