Friday, May 26, 2006

Liz Takes a Beating Part 1

Today was an interesting strip. My first round through it was for the FOOBiverse’s Journal, covering the Journal entry for Cookie77 out on the farm. I fell into the usual anti-Elizabeth rant. Then as I was considering the strip more carefully, I suddenly realized that Vivian was leading Liz down the path of saying she would leave. Then it also occurred to me, of all the bosses I have ever had, in how many of their husbands or wives did I confide? The answer is none. I would never think of doing it, even if I also worked with the husband or wife, which has actually occurred before. The more I thought about it, the more it looked like Vivian was not working for Liz’s interests, but for Gary’s interests. I wonder why Liz picked Vivian for her confidant. I expect it was for convenience, since her previous middle-aged woman confident, Auntie Roo, lived with her, and being just next door, Vivian perhaps fits that bill better than Liz’ alternative Jesse Mukwa’s aunt Marge. The other and less desirable possibility is that Liz feels more comfortable with Vivian, as she is an almost white, red-headed Metis, whereas Aunt Marge is dark-skinned, possibly full-blooded Ojibway. I would hate to think Liz carried that sort of prejudice, but it is possible.

I would comment about April’s Real Blog today, but since almost nothing happened, there is no need to comment. The posts have all the earmarks of a day when aprilp_katje has been distracted by something going on in real life. Good for her. Speaking of real life, my wife’s dad and step-mom are in town this Memorial Day weekend (their first visit to Arizona since 2001), and I expect my posts to be limited to early morning or late evening.

In tomorrow’s strip, Vivian goes so far as to lead Liz to water and tells her what she has drunk, i.e. admit she is not coming back to Mtigwaki, even though Liz still does not say that. Then Vivian lays a snark on Liz’s indecisive behaviour that would make qnjones proud.

Tomorrow’s strip really makes Liz look bad. She has no comeback for Vivian, as if everything Vivian told her was true. I am amazed. Even when Michael was putting down tape in the foyer, which was extraordinarily stupid, no one ever called him on it. Now someone has actually called Liz on the stupid passive stuff she does. Vivian is not begging Liz to stay because she is such a wonderful teacher, or great person, or because she belongs in the community, or even because she is a Patterson. In fact, she is telling Liz, if you can’t make up your mind, I am going to presume you are leaving. And by the way, you are a lousy girlfriend too.

I am beginning to think that Anthony may want to stay away from Liz, if she comes back to Milborough. She’s too messed up.


Blogger April Patterson said...

In fact, she is telling Liz, if you can’t make up your mind, I am going to presume you are leaving. And by the way, you are a lousy girlfriend too.

LOL! Too true. I had the same reaction to Liz confiding in her boss's wife. :)

4:39 AM  
Blogger howard said...

I suppose we'll have next week to see how Liz reacts to this smackdown, if she tells Paul, and what his reaction is. If Lynn is willing to let Liz get smacked like this by Vivian, then there may be more to come from Paul. Of course the guy has expressed his love for Liz over and over again, so if Lynn stays true to his character, he would be willing to do whatever it took to stay with Liz. So, I expect Liz to breakup with him. What do you think?

5:45 AM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

If Liz does break up with Paul, it seems to me she'd have to be pushed into it in some way, like maybe Paul forcing the issue of what her future plans are when she'd much rather take her usual passive approach where she does nothing and discusses nothing. Also, if Liz does the breaking up, I'm thinking Lynn will try to manoeuver the situation as to make Liz's decision seem justified, so as to garner the readers' sympathy. I'm thinking that will be a tough sell. Poor Paul!

8:16 AM  
Blogger howard said...

After today, I don't think they are going for Liz sympathy any more. They are going to give her character a powerful smack to the head. They have made the character of Paul give the Liz character everything she has said she wants in a man. He's outdoorsy, he's good-looking, he worships the ground she walks on, he doesn't withhold his emotions, he is trying to solve the distance problem. He is Mr. Right, and if he suddenly changed from that, then it would be a radical change in character for him. My guess is that they are going to make Liz look even more like a schmuck for rejecting the man of her dreams for her own selfish desires.

2:56 PM  
Blogger April Patterson said...

Hm, if so, I guess that's a pretty bold move. Not crowd-pleasing, but certainly bold. (Makes one wonder just what poor Katie's done to piss off Mom!)

6:42 PM  
Blogger howard said...

Well, I suppose the other possibility is that Liz will immediately repent of her stupidity and have a straightforward conversation with Paul, but that wouldn't be much fun.

10:50 PM  

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