Thursday, June 08, 2006

Big Blogger Fight

Every post today on April’s Real Blog was an effort. I think I tried at least 5 times for each one. I was on what I thought was a funny idea to have multiple characters carry on as if Elly were planning her funeral to the hilt. I was pretty sure that in tomorrow’s strip, John would not suck Elly in a vacation subject, but Elly would suck John into the cemetery conversation and that certainly proved to be the case. I am not sure where to go from here as far as taking Elly to extreme funeral-preparation land. Not only that, I kept on wondering why I was going to all this trouble. Originally I was popping up posts early in the day with the hope that someone else would see them, read them, and then add their own. I had been intentionally downscaling the ARB back story on the posts to make the comments more palatable to someone only familiar with the strip. That has not proved to be the case. I am going to have to rethink what I have been doing.

In the meantime, my time doing the FOOBiverse’s Journal entries is coming to an end. Having been on the cookie77 side of the house for officially a month today, I now appreciate how much trouble it is to do that journal every day and to produce even moderately funny material in quick reaction to when the Yahoo Comics puts it up at midnight Eastern.


Blogger April Patterson said...

Well, I think you've been doing a great job at the Foobiverse!

Blogger kept me locked out from posting anything after your last Paul post yesterday. :(

4:26 AM  
Blogger howard said...

Thanks for the compliment on the FOOBiverse. Blogger has been evil, if it keeps the continuity goddess from doing works of snark.

6:10 AM  

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