Wednesday, September 13, 2006

April pimps Anthony

In today’s For Better or For Worse, I could tell that Lynn is not used to writing a Liz strip where she is around family and in particular, April. Getting Liz back into the Sharon Park Drive house does have the advantage of not having to do an April strip and then haul off to Mtigwaki for a Liz strip. We should see Liz much more often now, but the Liz ruminations on things are so much like when Liz was on her own with Shiimsa in Mtigwaki. Perhaps this is being intentionally done to show how much Mtigwaki has affected Liz, the real effect is that when placed side by side with the upbeat Anthony-pimper, April; Liz comes off as even colder, ruder, and more separated from her sister than ever. It hasn’t been that long since Liz and April used to be more huggy, buddy-buddy. This change in Liz’s character may not be fun to read, but it sure was fun to snark. Liz says and thinks an idiotic thing in every panel.

Tomorrow’s strip:

Going back to my premise that Lynn is still writing Liz in Mtigwaki, comes tomorrow’s strip, which is a continuation of so many Mtigwaki Shiimsa strips from Liz’s first year in Mtigwaki, in which she was an incompetent boob, when it came to cats. She doesn’t have Vivian Crane to save her this time. However, I expect Elly to show up and save the day any second now. Wait for it.


Blogger April Patterson said...

Everyone loves you, no one hates you, no worms! ;)

4:13 PM  
Blogger howard said...

A preemptive strike, I see. Not to worry, I got enough love at the Crown Princess yesterday to last me awhile.

5:01 PM  

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