Friday, May 12, 2006

Those Evil Kelpfroths

Today was the strip for which we got the sneak preview, so aprilp_katje leveraged off stuff we had done as a precognition of the strip for her Blog entry. What mainly happened for me is that I did a lot of research on Ontario tenant law and also I found a number of websites talking about tenant law abuses and anti-smoking websites talking about victories that had been made in the states to prosecute people who were smoking in their own apartments where the smell leaked out. susannamoodie pointed me to an Act which will reform many of the problems listed in the websites talking about tenant law abuses and I was actually impressed with the Ontario government when I read it. Both Howard and the good constable expounded at length on these things, with the good constable having to work very hard to support Elly’s opinion that the Kelpfroths should be evicted having never met them or talked to them or for that matter, smelled them or experienced the banging on the floor personally.

The anti-smoking websites were the most interesting of the stuff I researched because, when it comes to smoking, there was a definite sense of a person’s home is no longer their castle, if anything leaks out of the castle that resembles cigarette smoke. If taken to its logical extreme, if someone decides noise pollution is harmful (which is a big deal where I work with OSHA safety standards for noise levels), then people with loud sound systems or loud children could be evicted. I found it quite ironic considering that this is one of the complaints of the Kelpfroths against the Pattersons.

Other than that, it was a pretty dead day. aprilp_katje popped up and made a joke about Patterson-coloured glasses, which my characters riffed on for a bit and I had Jeremy and Eva go on an actual date, hoping that they would see Duncan and Zandra at the movies since I picked the latest Daniel Clowes film Art School Confidential. But alas, Duncan is watching the hockey playoffs.

Tomorrow’s strip: I have a cub scout campout and preparation for it. So, I will probably not post much. I was sure we were headed towards Elly figuring out the source of Robin’s illness being the Kelpfroths after all that lead-in this week, but nada. We have poor sad Meredith deperately trying to convince her grandmother to spend time with her.


Blogger April Patterson said...

I followed the_berserker's recommendation and read Ice Haven last week (yay for the graphic-novel section of my library!), and there was a little pitch for Art School Confidential embedded in the book's coda. :)

4:51 AM  
Blogger howard said...

the graphic-novel section of my library!)
I am deeply jealous your library has such a section.

6:41 AM  

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