Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Anthony’s Diary, April 19, 2016

Anthony’s Diary,
April 19, 2016

It was not a good day today, diary.  James asked to have his ears pierced as soon as he saw other little boys with earrings.  Yes, boys.  I guess little girls are wearing them too, but there was a time when a boy didn’t wear earrings unless they were a little bit fruity.   Even Lawrence Poirier didn’t wear earrings.  My father would never have let me wear an earring and I don’t know what I am going to do when he sees James with his.  He won’t be happy, but he never is.

Elizabeth told James he could have them pierced and after that I couldn’t exactly take that back.  I hate it when she makes decisions without consulting me, but she says her mother never consulted with her father about anything and so she does the same.  Sometimes I also hate when Elizabeth thinks I am the same as her father.   We are not alike.   I know Sigmund Freud would be delighted, but I am not.

We took James to the local jewellery store and he was almost too excited to sit still.  James happily chose the studs and he said, “All the boys in my class got studs but me.”  For some reason Elizabeth started beaming and said, “I was the same way in Grade 1.  I didn’t have studs either.” and she started crying from those memories I guess, but I didn’t like the way she was looking at me when she said, “studs”. 
POP!!!! The piercing gun made the first puncture in James’ right ear lobe. He winced, blinked, looked straight at me, and howled! His sister was delighted. When he’d regained his composure, James refused to have the left ear pierced. He’d had no idea it would hurt so much, and wasn’t about to go through the procedure again. We had a problem. He could have the first stud removed so the ear could heal over, he could live with one pierced ear, or he could put up with another "pop" like the first one. James’ tantrum continued. The jeweller suggested we go home, think it over and come back later.

The four of us left the building. James walked ahead with Francie who pranced with glee at her brother’s dilemma. Half way down the street, James suddenly turned and pulled me back in the direction of the store. "Let’s do it." he said. The second stud was placed without a fuss, and off we went to get ice cream and groceries. "What made you change your mind?" I asked him. "She did." he said flicking his thumb in his sister’s direction. "She was enjoying this too darned much!"  As he said that, Elizabeth gave Francie a look that could freeze hell over.    Francie is getting close to the terrible twos, since she just turned 11, and she and Elizabeth are constantly fighting over something, usually something involving James.   I didn’t need another reason for them to fight.  I wish Francie got along with Elizabeth as well as she gets along with her mother Thérèse.

Afterwards we put up the groceries, we went to Elly and John’s place so James could show off his studs to Elly.  Elly went on about how Elizabeth got her ears pierced when she was four years old.   Then she said Elizabeth got her ears pierced on her 5th birthday.  Elly get confused easily.  

Elizabeth insisted it was during Grade 1, because she remembered her friend Paula had gotten her ears pierced and was showing them off to her to make her jealous.   Paula from school.  The “fashion goddess” we used to call her.   The one who spent all her time hanging around Melody Morrison.  They were best friends from Grade 1.  I didn’t even know Elizabeth knew them.   She never mentioned them before.  Even though we went to the same school, I sometimes think I really didn’t exist before I fell in love with Elizabeth in Grade 8 and I knew I wanted to be Elizabeth’s husband.   Sometimes I feel the same way now. 

That’s all for now diary,
Anthony Caine


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