Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Robin’s Diary April 12, 2016

Robin’s Diary April 12, 2016

I was jumping on our old couch and Grandma Elly says our old couch belongs in the new sense grounds.  I asked Merrie what that means.  She says Grandma Elly likes to talk Canadian.  It means “rubbish dump”.  I don’t get that.  If you sense something and it’s new, then that’s new sense grounds.   Merrie says the words are spelled “new cents”, like a penny and because pennies are rubbish, then that’s why it means “rubbish dump.”  I love pennies.  I don’t think they are rubbish.  I asked Françoise if pennies are rubbish, and she said they are still money, even if they aren’t worth very much and they don’t make them anymore.  Françoise is so smart. 

I asked daddy what new cent grounds were and he said, “with the word ‘grounds’ in it” and with your grandma using the word, it has something to do with coffee.”  I don’t know why Grandma Elly said our old couch had something to do with coffee, unless it’s because she spills so much coffee on it when she comes over.  I asked mommy why Grandma Elly said our old couch belongs in the new cents grounds, and she just said Grandma Elly can buy us a new couch if she doesn’t like the old one.


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