Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!

In today’s For Better or For Worse, we had a sweet, intimate moment between Iris and Jim. Since dancing was mentioned, I got to dig out the old dancing moments for Constable Paul Wright, because he basically dances by picking up the girl and grinding his crotch into her, and because he did the same maneuver for both Liz and Susan, so there was that element of a man having to choose between 2 women, which I hope is a part of the Mtigwaki storyline. I had thought we were going to be leading into a “Liz goes to Mtigwaki” storyline, but I guess I had misinterpreted the leaked January letters. She said, “I'll be heading up to Mtig to visit in a few days!” So, this could mean a mid-week story change, or it could mean we get to see another full week of post-fire aftermath. I had been complaining the post-fire aftermath would be too abrupt if it stopped after last week, so I can’t say that I am disturbed by the change. Perhaps we will be allowed to see a few of the things I suggested in yesterday’s post. I hope for a hospital to the Kelpfroths. Hope. Hope. Hope.

Aside from that, I let Iris snark on Elly and Deanna a little via Jeremy at the New Years Eve party. And since aprilp_katje set up the Duncan Anderson house New Years Eve party, I though we would get a little interplay there. I did a little, but I wasn’t inspired to create scenes of chaos.

My favourite little bit is the unanswered question of what Elizabeth Patterson did last New Years Eve. From New Years 2002 to 2005, she attended events either with or where Anthony Caine was present. Then for New Years 2006, she broke up with Warren Blackwood officially, got stinking drunk, declared that Milborough was no longer her home, and declared Constable Paul Wright was officially her new boyfriend (news which would have been a surprise to the good constable, who probably thought he was her boyfriend 2 months prior to that point). What we don’t know is where she went, or what happened, or if she had another encounter with Anthony Caine. All those details are a mystery. All we know is that whatever happened, Elizabeth got drunk and was deeply introspective about whether Milborough was her home. However, there are some presumptions that can be made. When Anthony Caine got divorced, he did not immediately call up Elizabeth and let her know he was a free man. Plus, Anthony made a big deal about being friends again with Elizabeth when he finally saw her again at the car lot. And we also saw Elizabeth make the move to get back to Milborough as soon as she found Anthony Caine was getting divorced because now, she needed to be back home where just in January she declared was no longer her home. It doesn’t take a lot of extrapolation to see Anthony = home, and whatever happened last New Years Eve had to do with Anthony Caine. So, in my best Lynn Johnston manner, I played it as Elizabeth made a complete fool of herself, but no one is talking about exactly what she did. After all, John and April Patterson both mocked the hungover Liz. Whatever she did, must have been a doozy.

Tomorrow’s strip: Photo albums and the blanket reappear. Since Deanna was more concerned about these items than Mike’s safety during the fire, it’s interesting to see her reaction getting these back. But more interesting is the idea that Lynn Johnston considers this to be important.


Blogger April Patterson said...

Sorry I pooped out early last night, Howtheduck. I just don't have that staying-up-late stamina anymore, not even for New Year's Eve! Thanks for covering both events so well--I loved the dispatches from Howard and Jeremy, Gerald's appearance, April's vision, and the explanation for today's outfit. :)

I agree that it's odd how much emphasis Lynn is placing on the photo albums and comforter. It's like this miraculous restoration of these items will somehow make it okay that Mike left Dee to fend for herself (Harvey Rood style!) on the fire escape with the children as he dashed back in for his true loves, laptop and manuscript.

In the leaked Michael letter for January, it seemed as though much of his supposed guilt-feeling was tied to Dee having had to abandon the albums and blanket in order to get the children down the fire escape. So now he can feel absolved, I suppose. Bleah.

7:50 AM  
Blogger howard said...

So now he can feel absolved, I suppose.

If Lynn shows it, then he will have to feel guilty and be absolved in one strip, since she has not shown any Michael guilt or regret.

The absence of Deanna and Mike at the firefighter's arrival tells me we are getting ready to segue into Liz's story. I don't see too many more fire aftermath strips with them missing.

8:32 AM  

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